Sunday, October 24, 2010

$40 Bedroom Redo (aka Operation Cozy)

When I think "fall", I think cozy.  Warm campfires, snuggly sweatshirts, piping hot soups...and cozy decorating.  I like for my surroundings to be cozy, too...a place for this sun-lovin' girl to run to when the fall air starts nipping my nose too much. 

So even though I loved the way  my room looked, it wasn't "cozy".  It didn't make me feel warm and relaxed when I walked in. (My non-decorators may be nauseous at this point, but all the rest of you know what I'm talking about.).  This is how it looked post-Operation Cozy:
 Beautiful, yes.  Cozy, no.  So off I go to Target. :)  And I end up with this:

Much better. 
I limited myself to $50 for the entire project...and didn't even spend that much. 
yay me! :)
For starters, I found the quilt at Target for $15. fifteen bucks, y'all. 
Fellow shoppers may have seen a flash similar to lightning.
It was me grabbing the quilt off the shelf.
Then I found a matching sham for $5, turned it around backwards because I like the buttons on the back, and whipped out some burlap roses.  Pinned those babies on, and voila! $5 sham.

I wanted a touch of red, so I bought a sheet for $2 and made this little cutie:
This baby took me less than 10 minutes to make.  I didn't have to sew a stitch!  Simple, easy, classic. 
That's what I'm going for here.
I envisioned a wreath hanging over the bed.  So I grabbed a grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby (best store ever!) and whipped out a few more burlap roses to stick on there.  I dug around and found the black ribbon to hang it with. 

Yes, I'm the crazy girl running around the house at midnight with glue stuck all over her fingers and holding nails in her mouth, standing on the bed pounding holes in the wall to hang her wreath.
Oh, come on, it wasn't that bad. 
I even used a stud finder for extra credit.
(Get your mind out of the gutter.  I used it on the wall.)
Where was I? Oh yeah...
The final touch: A new shade for the pendant lamp hanging over my desk.  Target to the rescue once more!  I found a shade for $5, glued some burlap trim around the edges, and hung that baby up.  Now it looks like this:

It almost makes me want to sit down and study.
Sometimes, it's the smallest details that really put the completing touch on your decorating.  Like this knob I found at Michael's today in the $1 section:
Dumb blonde days...everybody has them, some more frequent than others.  Labeling doors seems to help.
Seriously, though, I thought it was pretty cute.  And for a dollar, I couldn't pass it up.
With me, you never know if a project is finished or not, but overall, I'm pretty happy with how this project turned out.  And the money I spent on the project is less than what I would've spent on a day at the mall...and look what I have to show for it! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome to the Sew-What life of a full-time college student, craft addict, bargain shopper, joke-lover, and Southern sweetie at heart...
better known as Steff.
I am totally new to the blog world, so I request your patience as I learn by trial, error, and "oops, I won't do that again." Over the next few days, I hope to take some pictures of projects I have completed and get this deal started!
And if you experienced bloggers have any tips or suggestions...
I'm all ears.
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